Mork Calling Orson


‘Come In Orson.’  Words most of us know as the catchphrase of none other than Robin Williams playing the titled character from Mork & Mindy.  Just like Mork we imagine Robin to be quirky, eccentric and hilarious.  His essence seems to ooze from the screen and penetrate the beings of all who watch, capturing their attention and in turn their hearts.

It has sadly been reported that Mr Williams, at just 63 years old, was found dead at his California home late last night.  There are many who state that he actually took his own life.

This sad and shocking news leaves fans nothing short of devastated as they learn the man who played so many widely loved roles, is no longer with us.  Robin started his career in the late 1970’s and rose to fame as the somewhat odd alien who first appeared in Happy Days. From here he flourished as an actor, becoming a household name.

Starring in films and TV, Robin could play anything thrown at him, but somehow he always came back to comedy.  His portrayal of the eccentric, slightly odd and extremely lovable people, no matter how similar their personalities, was always unique.  From Patch Adams, Mrs Doubtfire and Professor Brainard to Adrain Cronauer, the Genie in Aladdin and Hook, he was a genius of his craft and will be missed from small and big screen alike!

The condolences of the Erisea team go out to the Williams family and friends.  Today the world wakes to find a legend has left us and no longer waits in the wings for his next role.


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