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With all eyes on the end of the Formula 1 Season, we look at the newest take at Motorsport Management in Motorsport Manager. 


A game about motorsport, you tend to thing you be the driver and make all the decisions on the track but this game up ends that idea and you are the boss of your own team.  Do you take the top team and make it better or do you take a team at the bottom and make it your own – The Choice is yours.

Image of how you see the race infold....

Image of how you see the race infold….  It seems a lot but the tutorial sets the game up perfectly.



A game with a hell of a lot of choice to begin with.  We did two playthroughs looking at the top division “world” and the bottom feeder series team.  Unlike actual motorsport, the game adds a promotion and relegation phase at the end of the season – to add to the competitiveness.  Imagine if teams in F1 got relegated if they performed badly.


So you picked your team… Whats Next? 

Its about building your team and making the correct decisions on the track and off. 

Off The Track

Building and maintaining your car is key to success. This is based on 2 elements performance and reliability.  When building parts for your car, you improve them how you want and with some thought – that title will be yours.

Staffing issues are a weird one to deal with but is a must too.  If you pick the bottom team as we did, do you fire your current 2 star engineer to get a better one or do you keep that engineer on staff because of the relationship with their driver.  (In reality, each driver in a team has a lead engineer to help them – this is shown in the game with “performance adjusters” in race).

On Track

Now the car and drivers are on board its time to race.  A big choice is on the cards depending on everything you do. 

Practice – Coming into each race you don’t know the track – so make the practice run smoothly by learning the track.

Qualifying – (Depends what level you enter at – some do not have qualifying) – Hot laps to make sure you hit the key point on tyres and brakes – Not too hot and not too cold.

Race – Now qualified, you sit on the grid and have to decide how long and how far into the race to go with your tyres and fuel.  Which level means what rules are in the race so do you push hard and early for a 3 stop race to get out in front. Or do you go long and maintain your car for a 2 stop.  The choice is yours?



Love it.  Its depth is great and the ability to take a bottom rung team and promote them to the top tier of competition is great to see.   Only downside is the length of how long it takes to do a race but that’s a minor issue.

Solid good game with good variable outcomes, bit long in races but that does not detract from a 4/5 score.

4 out of 5



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Also Available in Mobile Devices in a smaller LITE Package.  Cheaper cost.  Good entry point if you like the game’s idea.

Pictures all from Sega Press Kit provided to us.

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