Movenpick Sorbet Test


We got the opportunity to try out the latest flavours of Sorbet from Movenpick.

Passion Fruit and Mango

“The exotic dream couple”

Intensive flavours from its sun-ripened Passion Fruit base with the added texture of delightful pieces of Mango.
Our Thoughts – Dam my tongue!! Did not expect the flavours to be that flavourful (or that sentence to get away from me).   It offers something different to the average Ice Cream, never actually realising Sorbet is a good alternative.
Raspberry and Strawberry

“A Berry Double Act”

Intensive Raspberry base created from Heritage Raspberries, with a texture provided by juicy strawberries.

Our Thoughts – Again a tastebud whirlwind with our tastebuds not used to such a sweet taste.  Pairing it with something else on a different taste spectrum would be ideal. 
Overall –

Brilliant taste test – happy to of done it. Love when we see something that offers great alternatives. 
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