Movers by Meaghan McIsaac


When a world become too full and too full of pollution, it begins to die.

Movers by Meaghan McIsaac follows the story of Movers, a connection to the future that is facilitated by your shadow, but in the future moving your shadow has serious consequences as it is deemed illegal to do so.

What can happen if you break this law?  A trip to the Shelves will be in order, a place you might not return from.  Patrick’s father has been there since he moved his shadow and now it has left him and his family in grave danger.

As Movers gathers pace, you follow Patrick as he goes on the run after a terrible event at his school.  The storms of the past are raging over skyscrapers as the world connects to the Movers of the future and influences their lives.

The thick air, dirty markets, the thousands of bodies endlessly moving and bumping into one another, a world that is crammed full of people and toxins has to be traversed by one young boy.  Patrick must face his worst fears as he travels over ground and under, through labyrinths and on a journey he could never have imagined would be a part of his life.

Patrick has one goal, to keep those he loves and hold most dear safe, to make sure that everything and everyone close to him is not taken away.

Fast paced, easy to read action will have readers old and young enthralled in the pages of this fantastic book by Meaghan McIsaac, that is beautifully written and keeps the reader wanting more.  A brilliant read.

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