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Have you met Mr Filbert before? Well, if you take a look at the cute website Mr Filberts, you’ll find out all about him and the products made in his Dorset watermill.

Mr Filberts launched their range of nut recipes in 2010 with the ethos of only using 100% natural ingredients. These ingredients include locally foraged wild garlic, local honey and Devon chillies. All of the nuts are crafted using a unique hot air roasting process, rather than deep fat frying.

At Erisea magazine we sampled a selection of nuts, including Peruvian pink peppercorn cashews and peanuts, but they also sell gourmet oils, including rapeseed oil, which you can use instead of olive oil. Salad dressings made using local ingredients are also available.

The nuts we sampled were absolutely delicious – made with some unique and tasty ingredients. The Peruvian pink peppercorn cashews and peanuts had a gentle hint of pepper. They looked so tempting in a bowl when we dished them out to snack on with our G&Ts.

Italian herb hazelnuts and peanuts had the flavours of Italy captured within the packet (which, by the way, comes in resealable packets in case you have any left – not that we did!), and once again the flavours were very natural – they did not taste in any way synthetic.

Described as ‘really interesting’ on the website, it is true that the range certainly is. The snacks are currently available from selected retailers, so it’s best to check the website to see where you might be able to find them. Otherwise you can buy them directly from their online shop.

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