MTG Weekly – Our Introduction to Something New


Over the past several months we been planning to introduce new weekly articles and for this week – We be introducing Magic the Gathering to you all. It is a terrific card game we had chance to learn and we plan to see what you think of it.

For all those experts and intermediate players – we be offering stuff for your skill range too. We also be having competitions and will be looking at Events happening in the MTG calender.

This week – we be running a daily post  this week about our experiences over the start of the year.

This Week

Expect posts on the last 3 sets to come out. We got chance to get our hands on the “Dragons of Tarkir” set,  Duel Decks “Elspeth vs Kiora” and the Fate Forged set.

7th – MTG – Challenge was set

8th – MTG – Fate Forged Review / First Few Months of our Challenge.

9th – MTG – Competition Time /  Middle Months of our Challenge

10th – MTG – Duel Decks – Elspeth vs Kiora Review  / Final Months of our Challenge


Future Weeks

Hints and Tips, FAQs and Up Coming Events will be all on our radar. This will be a fun journey and we love for you to try the journey too.

We be talking other tabletop experiences in  coming weeks. Please keep an eye on the Erisea’s Twitter or Facebook.

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