Murder: The Complete Series


Birger Larson, know for the Danish hit series The Killing, directed the BAFTA Award winning drama Murder: Joint Enterprise, a story that follows the investigation into the murder of Erin, a young girl who live in Nottingham.  Police soon arrest her sister and a young soldier, both of whom tell the viewer their account of a night that got out of hand.  After following the entire case, from investigation to arrest and charges being filed to the court case, the jury delivered their verdict and then the viewer watches what really occurred on that fateful night.  Filmed in such a unique way, Murder : Joint Enterprise was hailed a success on BBC Two and has now led to the making of three more films, to engage and captivate us.

6347Murder The Complete Series will air in March on BBC Two, a series of three films that are going to have you take a seat on the jury and decide whether or not you think the accused is guilty.  The Third Voice is directed by Birder Larsen and  is the tale of a small town in Scotland that sees two brothers venture out to go fishing, only have have one return alive.  The doctor is later found in a river with a stab wound in the chest and so the investigation begins to uncover the truth of what really happened.  Lost Weekend is directed by Paul Wright and features the investigation in to the disappearance of a wealthy philanthropist from London’s Belgravia district. The final investigation is called The Big Bang and was directed by Iain Forsyth.  This last story looks at the vicious cold-blooded murder of an off duty police officer.

MURDER_COMPLETE_DVD_SL_s8.inddEach of the films is created with many of the techniques used in documentary making, but is coupled with the awesome power held by creative and inventive writing.  Each investigation is filled with forensic evidence and psychological details that all adds up to what actually happened, it is down to you and the jury to decide on the accused’s guilt or innocence.  Once a decision has been passed down to the sitting judge, only then will the truth of those horrific events be laid bare for all to see.


Murder The Complete Series is available courtesy of RLJ Entertainment for £19.99 and includes a bonus disc that feature Murder Joint Enterprise! 

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