Museum style objects for your home with Alessi’s latest product launch



Even if you haven’t heard of Alessi before, chances are you have seen something from their range over the years, such as Philippe Starck’s famous alien-like citrus fruit juicer.

Since 1921 they have worked with leading designers and architects to create unique furniture, gadgets and ornaments for your home (and they are often displayed in museums worldwide).


Whilst each designer brings their own particular style to an Alessi piece, there is still the same approach across their product range: to create familiar household objects which are executed as high design. This year’s launch is no exception.

Naoto Fukasawa has designed Cha, a fusion of a teapot and kettle, which can be used on any heat source, and Miriam Mirri offers a travel organiser for pets! Dutch architect Wiel Arets has designed a set of beautifully shaped cutlery and Marta Sansoni presents Fior d’olio which resembles a freshly picked olive but provides a dual function: tasting and pouring olive oil.

The full range of Alessi products is online at and you can buy from their own stores or online, as well as large department stores such as Selfridges and John Lewis.


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