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There is something tribal about music that really resonates with us at our very core.  Whether you listen to heavy metal or hip hop, pop or punk, indie or instrumental the sounds you love, that we call music, seem to be part of our very fibres.

In recent years the face of how we enjoy our tunes has changed greatly, moving swiftly away from CD’s to digital downloads and before that the move was from Vinyl to cassette and cassette to CD.  Now it seems our thirst for instant access to the songs we love, new or old, has evolved even further and instead of waiting those few seconds to down load our choice, we want to instantly hear them blaring from our speakers.  Streaming it seems is the way forward.

Isn’t streaming what people of a certain age call the radio though?   Well, no.  Whilst back in the day we would sit with our fingers poised over the record button of our hi-fis listening for our favourite beats to come through, a lot has changed, but sadly the radio remains much the same as it ever was.  The control of the music and other content on the shows stays with the DJs and powers that be.  Streaming is slightly different in this respect, it gives the control over to you.


Rdio is a streaming service that you can use right from your desktop, phone or tablet.  You can listen free, but like the radio you will have a few adverts dotted about.  They have a subscription service which is add free and has some great benefits:

  • ad free
  • listen to albums
  • listen to playlists
  • listen to stations

Rdio is basically your own, personal radio station, queuing songs intelligently from the choices you make whilst listening.  For example if you listened to Meghan Trainor All About That Bass, then Rdio will remember this and use this song to help pick others that you might enjoy.  If something comes on you don’t like, you just skip past it!

A really fun aspect of using Rdio is the ability to create your own playlists, adding whatever songs you would like, even whole albums if the mood takes you.  You can keep the playlist private or you can share it with everyone, imagine creating a playlist of the songs that were your summer anthems when out with friends, or one that represents a friends wedding, a gig you have been to or just because!

In the spirit of sitting and recording the Top 40 on our tape decks, we have created the ultimate 90’s Playlist for you to listen to, maybe it will introduce you to a few new (old) artists, or bring back some great memories.  Either way, check out our selection here and let us know what you think.  Did we miss any hits?  Tell us and we will add them to the playlist!

Next month we will have a new playlist and look at some of the other ways in which you can use Rdio – the possibilities are endless! If you have an idea for a playlist you would like us to create just let us know!  Don’t forget to pop along and follow our station too!


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