Music Review – Geppetto And The Whales


“1814 – a relaxing tune to hit the laid back fans of the folky indie music.”


Geppetto And The Whales are a unique band from Belgium. They can be considered to be a folk group, a pop group or a psychedelic rock group with their unique tunes and their recent debut album has hit their native region hard.


Song – 1814

Now they are starting to hit the rest of the world with their debut single “1814”.


1814 is a dark but beautiful song with a look at war and love – this is a great song to relax to. It’s video matches is tone brilliantly. The band have said this song is based on a 200 year old diary from someone who had lived in the same village as they do. Fighting in the Napoleonic war against his own people, been captured in Russia, then escaping on foot to a dramatic 7000 mile journey home.

The song captures that feeling of coming home after so many years.


B-Side – Heads

The song 1814 is paired with “Heads”. Heads offers a slice of a unique beatnik groove with a vocal harmony to show off another retro but different technique.  Great pair of tracks to listen to.



 With the litttle bits we got chance to listen to – these guys look like ones to watch in the new year.  They are venturing to UK Shores now and will be hitting most cities across the UK.  Hoxton Bar and Grill in London will likely be the standout performance on the 17th December.

The single is now released upon the World – so go get it.

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