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New sound from a “The Streets” style performer…. Interested? Read on….


East London singer-songwriter John Parry has announced the release of his self-produced EP, ‘Enough’ – Coming on the 4th March.  We got a chance to listen to his first single – This is one to watch out for when this hits.

John Parry by Pip

‘Enough’ marks the debut release from the 18-year-old former winner of the XLP Arts Showcase.

The EP is preceded by the supremely moody lead single and title track ‘Enough’ and will feature three other newly penned songs.  The songs are locked around Parry’s personality and been unafraid to tell an uncensored story – it hits the nerve.

“‘Do’ with its broodingly infectious ‘All I Wanna Do Is Her’ refrain for example. The songs are inspired by real-life experiences and his blunt lyrics provocatively convey the messages of a young man exploring life, love, relationships and his surroundings.”

Parry’s charismatic voice and warped love stories have helped him create a great performance – recently featured at London’s Lovebox and with him supporting Fismoll at The Garage. After his initial success, Parry continued to build on this with the releases ‘Dirty’, ‘Love Drunk Punch’ and ‘Druggie’. On ‘Druggie’ Parry occupies a darker mind-set in a universe that is explored further in ‘Enough’ – a universe that reflects his upbringing in East London.


Thoughts about Enough

The vocals are very eerie but it works well. Hitting the right notes and adding that level of tone seen in “The Streets” sort of performance wise – however twisting it into his own way of thinking.

From the guitar plucking to the build up of separate drum patterns – its works in the head. The build up to the release in each of the sections works to build emotion into his feelings of the song. 

We love to see more from him. We love music is different it and this hits that mantra well.

If his first song off the EP is anything to go by – Dam! Just Dam!!


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