Nail Off – October 14


It may or may not be known that two of us at Erisea HQ are more than a little in love with creating nail art, so as a little bit of fun both Rebecca, from the Beauty Team and myself are going to be having a Nail Off every month.  It will work very simply, you, our fabulous readers will pick, (hopefully), a theme each month and then Rebecca and I will have a go at painting our nails along that idea.  Then, (very bravely I feel), we will open ourselves up to ridicule and get you all to vote on which of the two is the best that month.

me and becky

I have no illusions of winning, Rebecca is incredibly talented and I am an amateur, but this is just for fun so let the Nail Off commence.

This month, as it is our fiirst, Rebecca and I settled on spots as a theme and here are our attempts.

nil off 1

[poll id=’1′]
So that is it, vote now and we will see in a couple of weeks who gets the first useless internet point for winning!  Don’t forget to pop a suggestion for November’s challenge in the comments below, we would love to have some ideas from you guys!


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