Nanogen For The Menopause



Ladies if you are about to, or are going through the Menopause, you may be experiencing hair thinning or hair loss.

Nanogen have produced a hair nutrition supplement just for you.

In brief this is a specifically formulated food supplement taken twice daily with food. This will aid and sustain hair growth during and after the change. It is a combination of vitamins and minerals tailored by scientists to give you the nutritional support required. (Full details supplied with the product). As always if you are suffering from any medical conditions or taking prescribed medicines, check with your GP before taking.


Hair growth factor treatment serum which:

Encourages thick and healthy hair growth, protects follicles from free radical damage, will support your natural balance of hair growth signals, clinically proven results for thin hair and is also dermatologically tested for sensitive scalps. Use 1ml per day, and squeeze small drops directly over the scalp on dry hair and massage in.

Thickening treatment shampoo and conditioner for women with thin hair.

Nanogen say this is a new type of thickening shampoo for women which shows results from the first week. It contains cutting edge growth factors and redensifying peptides. Simply apply to wet hair, and as with any good shampoo you don’t need to much, massage into the hair and scalp leaving for a minute or two before rinsing.

Follow with thickening treatment conditioner, which Nanogen say actually fattens finer hair to give thickness and volume after only one wash. Again, massage into hair and scalp leaving for four minutes before thoroughly rinsing.

You will notice the difference! Use each time you wash your hair for best results.

All these products are reasonably priced.

For full details have a look on their website, and you will also be able to view their entire range of products for me and women.



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