National Science Week – Bath Bombs


Hot on the heels of our last National Science Week post, today we would love to share with you a kits that at first glance may not necessarily scream science kit, but you’d be wrong. The Wild Science Bath Bomb Studio is a brilliant way to get the kids interested in science, especially if they are wanting to make something special for Mum!

Bath Bomb Studio

CaptureBath Bombs are definitely the highlight of bath time if you have them laying about. There is something magical about letting the ball plop into the bath water and then watching the magical fizzing that alters the water in the bath. Now, thanks to Wild! Science you your kids have the chance to give making their very own bath bombs a go.

The kit is not limited to just making these fizzing balls of fun, there are also a few experiments included that will have the grey matter working hard. We can not emphasize enough just how much fin this kit can be and what an amazing time you can have introducing your child to the world of science through exciting experiments.

We though it only fair that we give one of the activities in Bath Bomb Studio a go, you know to be thorough…

Bath Bomb Studio is available from Wild! Science for £12.99

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