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If you are the inquisitive type, the feeling of excitement you get from being able to investigate the world around you and discover new things never leaves you.  Children these days have some incredible options when it comes to learning and they don’t even realise that the fun they are having is educational.  That is what National Science Week is all about, get the youth of today excited about science and judge as you will, there is a small chance we have caught caught up in that giddiness too.

Horrible Science is a series that co-exists with Horrible Histories, the now famed children’s series of books that makes learning intriguing, seriously the kids love anything gruesome.  Horrible Science therefore needs to be featured in our National Science Week round ups, especially the Chemical Chaos kit that may have kept us busy for some time, reverting to our inner child.

Chemical Chaos

ccFrom Galt Toys, Chemical Chaos is from the Horrible Science range and is packed full of 8 fantastically fiendish experiments for you your children to enjoy.  From the very start we are guided by Mr Bunsen and Miss Perkins in our endeavor to perform certain scientific tasks worthy of a young mad scientist.  Making toothpaste, growing stalactites, producing a potent chemical cocktail and much much more besides.  Chemical Chaos is crammed full of questions and answers, facts and tips, history and above all fun!  

cc1Almost everything you need is contained within the box, there are just a few household ingredients and tools needed to perform all eight experiments.  (water, oil, jugs, bowl, spoon and so on).

As soon as the contents are out of the box you your kids will feel like the next Frankenstein Louis Pasteur.  We could not resist having a go ourselves and decided to film one experiment to share with you…

Chemical Chaos is available from Galt Toys for £10.95


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