National Science Week – Exploding Volcano Workshop


Science week is coming to a close and it has been great fun, we have one more exciting science kit to show you to help get the kids more interested in science, (or just so you can enjoy yourself). Today we bring you Wild! Science’s Exploding Volcano Workshop.

Exploding Volcano Workshop

thumbnailgenerator (1)Who doesn’t love making a mess? Well, besides the one who has to clean it up.  Wild! Science Exploding Volcano Workshop is a science kit that will make creating a mess so much fun you wont mind the clean up.  Become a volcanologist and learn all about how the flowing towers of lava occur and create some of your very own.  Lava flows, bubbling mineral pool and much more can be made and studied using this kit.  You also have the chance to watch eruptions up close when you make the themed ‘Island Workbench’.  This is based on Little Sitkin, a volcanic Island in Alaska, looking at the Twin Calderas, enabling you to get up close and personal without any of the associated risk.  

There are also a number of experiments to do surrounding mineral pools, make them change colour, check pH levels and evaporate the pools to show the mineral salts, incredible and absolutely absorbing activities.  It doesn’t end there though, you still have the chance to create lava flows in various colours, using acids and base reactions, (you’ll remember we looked at them in our Chemical Chaos experiment).


thumbnailgenerator (2)The instructions are well laid out and easy to follow and accompanied by everything you need in the kit to get started making your own indoor volcanoes, even your safety goggles are included! 

Exploding Volcano Workshop is available from Wild! Science for £12.99 (RRP)

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