National Science Week – Fueling Future Cars


It is a hot topic, discussing how cars are fueled.  With all the pollution and our carbon footprints, there is a growing need for our generation to find ways that will ensure a better future for the next.  With it being National Science Week we thought it would be absolutely perfect to tell you all about a fantastic kit fro Science X, Fueling Future Cars by Ravensberger.

Fueling Future Cars

With 9 amazing activities, Fueling Future Cars is an addictive kit that not only looks at fueling your car, but also fueling your brain.  The activities start with creating a simple motor circuit, all of the tools and components are contained within this fantastic kit, aside from a little glue or double sided sticky tap and a battery.  The simple motor circuit is the activity we decided to film for you…

That is just the start though, Science X have created the activities so that each one builds on the last, each time increasing your knowledge and looking at another way to power a motor.  They teach you about storing energy in a super-capacitor, explain and demonstrate how electric motors work and even explore solar powered engines.  After all of the fun and incredibly rewarding tasks, you are left with a toy car, (they couldn’t fit a real one in the box), that will work using battery power (AA) or stored energy via the use of a solar panel.  

91YCKLEgRkL._SL1500_The instructions are really clear and concise, there is a glossary of electrical symbols and the circuit diagrams are accompanied by photos, this helps to understand the diagram easier.  ~By the end of the workbook you will be able to understand basic electrical circuit diagrams and should be able to play around with the components to create your perfect car of the future, not to mention decorate it in anyway you wish, although you do get stickers to apply to the body of your car.

All in all this kit gets a huge thumbs up from us! 

Available from Ravensburger for £29.99

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