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Holiday health tips – pack smart with NatraSan Travel Buddy

Summer holidays mean relaxation, fun and a break from the daily 9-to-5 grind. All too often, health niggles can get in the way of the best laid plans. NatraSan, a revolutionary new natural first aid spray made from hypochlorous acid, can be used to ease many holiday health worries. The Travel Buddy (£7.00/100ml), a hand-luggage-friendly sized bottle that can be taken on holiday even if you aren’t taking any hold luggage, has just been launched.

Fay Watt, Managing Director of NatraSan, offers some handy tips on using NatraSan to maximise enjoyment for a safe, healthy holiday:

Avoid holiday tummy

Although it’s great to experience lots of different foods if you are in a foreign clime, it can be wise to avoid certain things, such as local drinking water as the mineral and bacteria content varies greatly from country to country so best to stick to bottled water. It’s also a good idea to regularly disinfect hands to avoid germs being transferred.

Annoying insect bites

Mosquitos are a big holiday nuisance and seemingly unavoidable, although eating garlic can help, as the scent seeps into your pores and repels them. However, if you do get any bites, spray them with NatraSan to ease the itching and prevent the bite from getting infected.

Enforce swimming pool rules

If you are holidaying with children it is so important to drum into them that running around the pool can be a very dangerous activity. Children need to be reminded regularly due to the levels of excitement a holiday can bring. If any minor poolside accidents do occur, use NatraSan to clean and disinfect cuts and grazes. Of course, seek medical attention if necessary.

Be sun safe

Skin cancer is well-documented and everyone should use a high SPF sun cream. This is especially important for children, who should also wear a hat and stay out of the midday sun.  If you do get minor sun burn, NatraSan can help to start the healing process.

Top tip: Keep a bottle of NatraSan Travel Buddy in your holiday apartment fridge as it will feel cooling on hot skin.

NatraSan kills 99.9999% of germs, is 100 times more effective than a 99.9% spray and is the first hypochlorous acid spray to be sold to consumers that is E.U. compliant.

NatraSan costs £10.00 for 250ml and the Travel Buddy is £7.00 for 100ml. Available at  

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