Watching TV is a favourite past time of many and now there are so many options of how to watch your favourite TV programmes that it can be hard to know where to start.  Netflix is a great way to watch your favourite shows and discover ones you might not have thought about watching before, as well as a plethora of films.

How does it work?

Netflix is extremely easy to use and quick to set up, you can even sign into it using your Facebook details.  Once you are signed up you get a months free viewing, after which the cost is £5.99 a month for unlimited streaming of all content.

It can watched on your computer (PC or MAC), Xbox, PS3, Wii, Mobile, tablet and more.  The programs are streamed over the internet so an connection is required to use the service.

What smore there are no commitments, so you can cancel at any time.

What’s on?

Netflix has a comprehensive library of content and there is certainly something for everyone.  From horrors and thriller, to kids movies and comedies.

Our Picks

bbBreaking Bad – 4/5

The story centres around a chemistry teacher called Walter White who finds out that he has terminal cancer.  His family are in financial trouble, so he decides that cooking Crystal Meth could be the answer to his problems and leave financial stability for his family when he is gone.

Netflix holds five seasons of Breaking Bad and each episode is as enjoyable as the last.  Be prepared because just like the drugs Walter makes, this program is addictive.


American Horror Story – 4/5ahs

American Horror Story takes evil to the next level as it explores the nature of people and their ability to do horrible things. This deeply twisted TV show will send shivers down your spine and leave goosebumps on your skin as it travels the tendrils of damnation and brings true horror to your screens.



pbPrison Break – 5/5

Prison Break tells the story of two brothers Michael and Lincoln.  Lincoln, wrongfully imprisoned and sentenced to death, Michael believes the only solution to save his brother is to be incarcerated himself and then break them both out of Fox River.

Four seasons of tension and a race to clear their names, whilst being hunted by the Company.  With a fantastic cast that make you care deeply for the characters, you become invested in their fight for justice.


soaSons of Anarchy – 5/5

Jax Teller and The Sons Of Anarchy, live on the fringe of society.  Follow Jax and his internal struggle trying to live life as an outlaw but discovering his father’s old journal and his wishes for the club.

Gun running, gangs and high adrenaline fuel this incredible TV show that sucks you in and refuses to let go.




DreamWorks Short Stories

All of your favourite DreamWorks characters are here in an anthology of short stories including zombie carrots!!




httydDreamWorks How To Train Your Dragon Legends

Another collection of short stories from DreamWorks, How To Train Your Dragon Legends, where Hiccup learns about all the varieties of dragons and Gobber ggoes on an adventure looking for the Bonekanpper Dragon!

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