The new Easylife stroller from RECARO ticks every box


RECARO introduces Easylife, a range of eye-catching strollers that will brighten up the streets this summer. Combining innovative construction and ingenious features with bright block colours and sleek black lines the Easylife stroller is already receiving rave reviews.

Following research into parent priorities which found that a third of families own three or more prams / strollers and as many as 1 in 12 families has owned more than five, RECARO is confident that the Easylife will tick every box.

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When making the first purchase, parents are attracted to the practical elements with price, handling and weight accounting for 45% of the vote. Less than 10% of parents look for a particular brand and only 3% prioritise colour or pattern. However, more than 1 in 10 dads rank gadgets over anything else.

RECARO found contrasts with the second purchase, usually a stroller for an older baby, where price becomes less important and mums are more concerned with everyday practicalities, finding 39% prioritising weight, size / compactness and handling. Dads show a sway towards aesthetics, with gadgets, colour and brand all increasing in importance.

As a second purchase for older babies (suitable from approximately six months) the Easylife stroller is sure to be a big winner with parents looking for an eye-catching and practical solution. Block jewel colours and a sporty double stripe footrest adorn a super lightweight 5.7kgs frame. The smart one-handed fold and reopen system takes the 104cm high stroller down to a compact 59 x 27 x 50cm box that will fit neatly into the boot of any car. The multi-position recliner, tall handlebar and 8 wheel spring loaded suspension system ensure a comfortable ride for parent and toddler.

The Easylife stroller will be widely available at independent nursery stores from July 2014, with a highly competitive RRP of £189.00.


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