New tool aims to beat weight loss ‘motivational meltdown’.

The curse of motivational meltdown suffered by those wanting to lose weight and shape up could soon be a thing of the past – thanks to a new and unique tool. ( is believed to be the only online service that sends its members daily text reminders to keep on track – combatting common ‘motivational meltdown’. is the only interactive platform in the UK that people can sign up to that sends out reminders up to three times a day. Reminders can be to attend a gym class, or a question asking whether they need that extra glass of wine or slice of pizza, for example.
The site allows members – who can for a limited time sign up for a free 14-day trial – to create profiles and to map out their weight loss and fitness goals through the online portal. The site features two gender-specific characters and users can also create their own profile avatar.
Diane Morris, business owner at, said: “I’ve had first-hand experience of the slimming club circuit both as a member and as a consultant. I found that while these clubs certainly fill a need for a formal weight loss programme, they were often not quite enough. Like a nagging but well-meaning friend, I wanted to create something that would remind people in real-time to stay on track with their weight loss and exercise goals; basically, to stick at it!”
New Year is typically when the majority of people set out to lose weight or get fit, and numerous studies have shown that most give up within one month of starting out.
Diane added: “It’s great that people are put on plans to help with their weight loss goals, but it’s not so fantastic when they’re often left to their own devices after they finish a session. What happens when people go home or are in the workplace? They are basically often left to get on with it, and that’s why the failure rate is so high.
“It’s important that people are able to access and be spurred on by an additional resource that provides a motivational push. This can often mean the difference between failing and going on to achieve crucial lifestyle goals.”
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