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If you love jewellery, you will no doubt fall head of heels for Nikki Lissoni Pendants. With endless options for personalising your choice to fit your own style, personality and even your mood, the concept of interchangeable pieces with a personal message is both inspired and covetable.

C1038SS £98It sounds straightforward enough – choose the length, colour and style of your chain; then the size – would small, medium or large work best? Then choose your coin. The coins fit perfectly in the pendants, so you can change your look to suit your outfit, occasion or just your mood.

The tricky part is deciding which to choose. Chains come in a variety of lengths and colours so you can find the ideal one for you. The size of pendant will depend on your own scale – so pick something that works in harmony and balance with your own features. Then you can choose from a huge variety of coins to fit your pendant and match your own personality.

The designs in the Emotion range come with their own cards which works brilliantly as a present for someone special to you – a unique way to express how you feel. Nikki Lissoni has 26 emotion categories currently, with a variety of design choices in each, so you will be certain to find the message to express how your feel. Natural stones and birthsigns also feature in the range.

C1106GS £108Colour also plays a part in the design choice – of which you are in control. Chains come in metals of silver, gold or rose gold and you can choose a matching or contrasting metal pendant. Then ring the changes with your coin – my personal favourites are the “denim” designs, available in colours of the rainbow from blue and purple to gold and coral. If you prefer something with a bit more drama, how about animal print in colour or sparkling skull design, or, for something more understated, choose a semi-precious stone such as Jasper or Agate. For the ultimate in glamour, it has to be the Swarovski crystal.

And if necklaces aren’t your thing, don’t despair. Nikki Lissoni also have an amazing range of bracelets and earrings along the same design style of the pendants, so you will be sure to find something to suit you perfectly and to your existing collection.

The choice of designs and styles Nikki Lissoni makes the combinations endless. Pendants start from under £100. So see where your mood takes you.

Nikki Lissoni Pendants are currently available online at and in selected outlets across Europe.



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