Nitro Plus Blasterz Heroines Infinite Duel – PS4 Game Review

A Fighting game with a weird theme. Interested? Read on?


I didn’t know what to expect when I first loaded up Nitro Plus Blasterz Heroines Infinite Duel, as I have played many fighting games but not many in the ‘anime’ category. In fact fighting games are my favourite genre, so I was very excited to play it.  The game gathers characters from different animes (Japanese Animation) and puts them together in true over the top anime fighting style. The presentation stays true to the animes and the result is a beautifully animated game. Okay, so it doesn’t look as impressive as the Guilty Gear or Street fighter entries, but it does look beautiful in it’s own way. The game has the usual head to head options, online and local and also has an in depth story (which I didn’t get too much in to ) and the standard obligatory ‘training mode’ which you will need to perfect your skills.
Homura Bikini


Anybody who is in the fighting game scene will tell you that the graphics are not important in a fighting game. What does make a good game is the balancing and mechanics. Nitro Blasterz Plus seems to have both of these boxes checked. There are 12 all female characters to select from initially
with 20 assist characters (a la Marvel vs Capcom). Although there doesn’t seem to be many playable characters at first, they all play differently to one another so there is plenty to learn. The gameplay doesn’t seem as fast as Street fighter V or Marvel vs Capcom 3, but this makes the game a little easier to digest. Combos and big damage attacks are fairly easy to do but there are more complex mechanics underneath for you to master. With all games like this, it is more enjoyable to play with friends or online, however there is enough to keep solo players playing for a while too.
Homura Bikini


Overall Nitro Blasterz is a very enjoyable game that anime fans will probably appreciate more than someone who has never seen an anime. If you are new to fighting games, there might be a lot to take in. There is lots of fun to be had with other players and the game is not to be taken too seriously
compared to it’s ‘hardcore’ counterparts.  
3 out of 5
If you like fighting games/ anime/ Japanese influences or just want to have fun fighting with some friends, I would strongly recommend this game.

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