With the World market of TV coming more and more onto the digital platform, you tend to see that more watch ON-Demand Content.  So we thought why not look at two of the big players within the UK – Netflix and Amazon Prime. 

Anyone reading this outside the UK – Read on as its about Original Content.


Reviews of Which is Better?

Both offer unique original content and both have pros and cons against them.  We will be reviewing the Pilot episodes of key original content from each of them over some categories. 

Categories are yet to be confirmed but you see the big hitters from each of the shows.

Amazon Extras

Amazon Prime has some key advantages over Netflix due to its complex nature. As in its not just original content but a delivery service and has its arms in over entertainment boxes. 

We will not be including that for this versus, but we will talk about them.


Opening Salvo

Welcome to the Pilot Reviews – Versus Mode, what would you like us to review the first episode for? 

We gonna have some fun the next few weeks.   N.VS.AP. 


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