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When you think of chocolate your first thought is not going to turn to tea, as in the drink, in this case however it will.  O My Tea have produced a range of four flavours that taste like, well chocolate!  It’s true and if we are honest we didn’t believe it was possible either, but the lovely people at O My Tea sent us some to try and we were astounded.  Before we drool all over the keyboard and start telling you all about the delicious offerings, let’s talk a little about the company.

O My Tea began as a different company who specialised in the making of chocolate teas and was called Chocolateas.  From there they have grown, with their expertise in tea making and spread their wings to other ventures such as Fruiteas, then in their own words the ‘TEAvolution’ resulted in O My Tea.  Now they are a company that makes a very exciting range of teas, not the boring leaf in a bag kind, (though granted there is nothing wrong with them), but an infusion of flavours in a loose leaf mix.

Besides the Chocolateas, which we are coming to, they also still offer Fruiteas and Sweetas, with flavours ranging from Rhubarb & Custard to Cinnamon ear.


It will quickly become apparent, that here at Erisea we became fast fans of Chocolateas, they are incredible.  Presented in loose leaf form, the teas can be made in a variety of ways, as is, with milk and sugar or even iced, (we liked them iced, yummy).

Chocolate Orange

Up first is the delectable Chocolate Orange.  The leaves have a real Autumnal feel about them and the aroma is no different.  Warm and inviting the scent is a chocolate and orange melody beckoning you to dive in.  First you have to brew it though!  It is a black tea that is incredibly smooth and is blended with orange peel, chocolate chips and cacao beans!

Chilli Choc Chai

Chilli Choc Chai is a chocolate tea with a kick.  Just a whiff of the yummy contents warms the back of your throat with the spices contained within.  A traditional black Indian tea with a twist, the chilli is exciting and at the forefront of the flavour.  Mixed with the smooth chocolate though it is not overpowering at all, in fact it is really pleasant.

Turkish Delight


It is hard to find the words to describe just how amazing this particular tea is.  If you love the Turkish Delight bars you can buy in the shops by Fry’s, then you will adore this tea.  It is truly unparalleled by even hot chocolates of this flavour.  The taste is absolutely spot on, the silky, rich chocolate gives way to the aromatic rosy centre and just makes you go ‘ohhh’.  Not only that but the tea itself looks more like pot pourri than tea, it is so pretty and when we made a cup for ourselves there was a little rosebud that basically flowered before our eyes.  Amazing.

Vanilla Cocoa

The final tea in the collection is Vanilla Cocoa.  There is no mistaking the blend of beautiful black tea and tantalising vanilla pods when you inhale this concoction.  It is stunning and once brewed makes a wonderfully smooth and delectable tea that is sure to please most tea drinkers who like it sweeter than the good sir Earl Gray!



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