Oddball and the Penguins – In UK Cinemas Now!!


We were surprised by the story of a “Oddball” dog and how he found his place in life.  Interested? Read on….


This is about the small town of Warrnambool and it’s local penguin sanctuary. The sanctuary is home to thousands of the world’s smallest penguins and is based on it’s own island off the coast but nearby the town.  Trouble brews as local foxes manage to learn they can swim across to get to the penguins.  Thus thousands become hundreds become few.  The park ranger Emily Marsh has to keep the population above 10 or the sanctuary gets closed and she is out of a job.

Her father Swampy Marsh hears the news and sets about solving the issues in the only way a father can.   In the story about family – Generations are brought together and Swampy Marsh’s granddaughter Olivia is the glue that keeps the family together. 

If Olivia is the glue, Swampy’s Maremma sheepdog “Oddball” is the crazy one of the family – and that’s saying something. His hilarious antics keep getting him into trouble – He cant protect Swampy’s farm as he keeps running off-leash but does he have a place to go to.

A solution arises in a great way but is it in time?


Coco Jack Gillies & Shane Jacobson in ODDBALL & THE PENGUINS, released in UK cinemas on 12 February 2016

Coco Jack Gillies & Shane Jacobson in ODDBALL & THE PENGUINS, released in UK cinemas on 12 February 2016

Story – Thoughts

A surprising heartwarming film that is due for release in the UK. This is a superb little hidden gem worth seeing straight away.  From a “A chicken farmer and his very odd dog” to the kids having Olivia’s viewpoint of her single mum moving on to a new fella. The way the film plays on emotions are great to see. 


Oddball farts will “make an onion cry”


The way the film brings together two issues and finds are solution is great to see. Oddball is played well and his training for the island was hilarious to watch. 

“Penguins are chickens in tuxedos”



Pocket the Penguin and Oddball the dog create the animal connection that echoes back to the classic movie “Babe”.   With these great animal actors taking the forefront for the kids, the family story underneath carries the story for the adults in the family.

There is even a love story for the Penguin!!



Great film, if you want something different for kids to see than the average animation – this is one to watch.

Scored – 4/5 from us.

4 out of 5



See what you think – it might surprise you… Here’s the Trailer.

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