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With winter firmly upon us we tend to look at footwear that is more robust and keeps our tootsies nice and warm.  Of course we also want to look stylish and feel good about what we are wearing, so choosing the right boot to take you from Autumn through to Spring is not the easiest choice to make.  There is so much to consider:

  • Length – do you want ankle boots, mid calf boots, knee high boots, over the knee boots?
  • Heel – flat, small heel or high heel?
  • Style – the hardest one to decide on.  Traditional, funky, unique, vintage, retro…the possibilities are endless
  • Material – leather, suede, suedette, leatherette and much more besides.
  • Purpose – are you looking just for fashion, practical, waterproof, for the snow, long walks, work, comfort..?
  • Price – what budget are you working with?

Once you have decided upon the above, you then have the task of finding somewhere that has the right pair of boots for you and at the right price.

We decided to ave a look for a pair that would work for us and our criteria was:

  • Knee high
  • Flat or small heel
  • Definitely a vintage feel, maybe with a traditional edge
  • Any
  • Practical and comfortable are top of the list.
  • Affordable, in the £50 or less range

Blonde + Blonde @ BANK Fashion - Knee High Boots £55Bank Fashion have a whole range of footwear fit for winter wearing and that would suit a range of budgets.  Their website is really easy to navigate and there s even a section dedicated to boots!   After a lengthy look, because there were such an incredible amount of boots on their site and it was extremely hard to choose a pair, we settled on the BLONDE & BLONDE Old Fashioned Over The Knee Boots.

A stunning pair of leather/suede boots that are versatile allowing to to wear them over the knee and at knee height.  They are really comfortable and hit the mark when it comes to vintage, they have a bit of a pirate look to them, especially with the gold buckle that goes around the ankle.  They are so unusual but on trend at the same time! they will be just right for wearing everyday and for special occasions, going with many outfits throughout the season.

The boots are available from Bank Fashion for £55.00, slightly over our budget but not too much when they filled every other requirement.


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