Old Mother Hubbard Dog Biscuits


Coming to Pets at Home – Old Mother Hubbard Dog Biscuits. We got to try a pack and they are good.


The Biscuits

Old Mother Hubbard baked dog treats has an aim to set dogs tails wagging.  The treats exclusive to Pet at Home Stores and online are a all natural tasty alternative to the average dog biscuit.

Pets are apart of the adverage family now and treating them in a healthy way is becoming more and more important.  Each of the biscuit range is to help the dog in different ways.

Low fat biscuits, biscuits to deal with bad breath, puppy specific biscuits and even hip and joint biscuits for the older dog.

Homestyle recipes that are made with natural ingredients like chicken, chedder cheese, apple, carrot and oatmeal.  So lets see what they taste like – we got a chance to try P-Nuttier.




A peanut butter flavoured biscuit must sound weird but if humans like peanut butter why not dogs?

We started with our own dogs in our test. We found that 1/2 of our dogs liked them. Specific dog breeds have particular tastes and dont like a new taste. Much like some some humans so we extended our test.

Amongst the walks we asked fellow dog walkers if they happy to give their dogs the treats. 90% of them wolfed them down and loved them. 10% had the same issue in our smaller test.

So as with anything, if your dog likes new flavours and new treats – these will be great to try. If your dog is known to have particular palette for food these might not be for your dog.

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