Old School vs New School – Intro Piece


To start off the week – and for all future weeks foreseeable. Its time to bring forward and idea and its meaning to me, the writer of this piece.  So, we decided to theme a set of pieces for each morning this week  based on the idea of “Old School” versus “New School”. 


I through myself into this idea after looking at the world of retro gaming and how things in the world have changed and adapted from this point. Then I looked at my music collection and compared it to what you currently hear on the “mainstream” radio stations. All I can say is I am very eclectic – I like lots of genres of music.  So, I thought what else could be defined as old school and new school way of thinking. 


So, to bring it full circle, here is the basic definitions I will be using.

Old School

Old School is the definition of something or someone who is defined to have old fashioned or traditional values. With things showing their colours in one specific style not influenced by newer values. e.g. Rock music being rock music, reality TV being reality TV.

Old School examples – TV Shows from various eras (80s,90s,00s, early 10s), Set Genre Music, etc. You get the idea.  Have you ever wondered why reboots are becoming so prevalent in this era.



New School

New School is the reverse of this. Its not a word currently – but this will be our little definition of something new – that is changing the landscape of its field, genre, bit of interest.

New School examples– TV Shows that Change the mould, Music that melds genres, etc. You get the idea.  Its about pushing the boundaries of the world.


Ground Rule

So, what are the ground rules, there are not any really. Over this week I will be looking back at different areas of the entertainment industry and other areas about what works better.

Who wins?  Who knows? 


It will be about what works best for me and for you the reader – what works for you. I could hopefully show you a thing or two to bring into your life now. That is my intent with these daily themed pieces. Until Tomorrow, at the same time. 

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