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UKTV are always seemingly expanding and with “W” due to start up as a channel some interesting documentaries have been done.  Their aim to show what impact “ON”line  has had on life.


This set of 3 documentaries were filmed by Sara Cox, Grace Dent and Sophie Ellis-Bextor.  Sara looked at the effect on Friendship,  Grace looked at the effect on romance and Sophie looked at effect on fame.


So in this day and age, social media has redefined the ways people perceive a friendship.  Comparing from the last generation, Sara looks at what its like to grow up in the Facebook Generation. With people having hundreds of friends on Facebook – is it all about quality or quantity?


With the romance and “one night stand” apps/ and sites on the internet, how has that had an effect on people finding dates – to ultimately find love.

Does it help or hinder? is it killing romance?


In the past its all been about what the person can do – but now the changing shape of fame is effecting that mantra.  With celebs and public on social media together – barriers have been broken.  Internet Vloggers are now as famous as movie stars.   

What does it now mean to be famous?  and what effect does Social Media have on life?




Very thought provoking stuff from “W”.  Each documentary in turn will show off novices thoughts on the subject.  We think if you are a parent and want to know more about Social Media – the Friendship episode is especially important to watch. To know what good and what harm social media can do to your kids.

Or if you are looking for Romance – look to the Romance episode of the series to see what effect Online apps have.    



For More on “W” – The New Channel in the UK.  Click Here for their Twitter Page.

W Logo

W Logo

“On” starts next week.  Monday 15th Feb 9pm – Sara Cox ON Friendship. (Romance – 22nd, Fame – 29th)



Pictures provided by UKTV.


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