Once There Were Giants – Heavyweight Boxing


A book about the history of heavyweight boxing from 1962 to 1997.


This is a book about the celebration of heavyweight boxing as witnessed ringside by a sportswriter.

It looks back at the time of boxing in USA from California to New York. It looks at how the crowds came to boxing and  grabbed its collective jugular vein and trigger a tsunami of raw emotion before a single punch had even been thrown.

From the era of Ali.
“That’s the way it was when the heavyweight giants danced in the boxing ring during the golden eras of the greats Ali, Frazier, Holmes, and Spinks, to name a few.”

Or How about the Tyson ear bite?

 “There will never again be a heavyweight cycle like the one that began when Sonny Liston stopped Floyd Patterson and ended when Mike Tyson bit a slice out of Evander Holyfield’s ear; when no ersatz drama, smoke, mirrors, and noise followed a fighter’s entry into the ring; when the crowds knew that these men were not actors on a stage but rather giants in a ring with a single purpose—to fight other giants.”

Once There Were Giants is a memorial of his time in the sports writing world and holds Heavyweight boxing to a high regard.

My Thoughts

From the beginning it holds a different tone to the average non-fiction book. It shows passion for the era and puts you straight into it. Well defined and well executed sections. From the godfathers to the cotton up the nose, they each take you on a journey.

It holds the era of heavyweights in high regard.  From the start to the finish its great.

3 out of 5


For More Info

Full Title – Once There Were Giants

Sub Title – The Golden Age of Heavyweight Boxing

Author – Jerry Izenberg

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