One Piece Unlimited World Red

One piece Unlimited world red ps3 also available on Wii U PS Vita and 3DS

Based on the popular Anime, One Piece is the story of a famous pirate gold Roger. Gold Roger is sentenced to execution for piracycrimes. His final words were the location of his fortune which is said to be at the Grand line. This information sends mind's racing, thus creating a new Era of pirates desperate to find the treasure " One piece."

Luffy, an unlikely young man on a quest to become " the pirate king ", form a crew and find one piece. The show is set around him and the risks posed to becoming a wanna be pirate.
With a wealth of strange yet wonderful character's, each with a unique talent or power. And that's not only the case for Luffy's rival Pirates. The friends and aqauntencie's he meet's mostly have a specialist area too.
Costume Luffy Swimsuit screenshot40_1409044499
Luffy also known as " the rubber man " or straw hat, accidentally ate a fruit known as the Devil's fruit as a child. The curse or gift from this fruit has turned his body in rubber, enabling him to perform incredible combat and defensive skill's. Luffy is not the only one to have consumed the devil's fruit, but the one common side effect with this greatness comes the inability to swim, which as their chosen profession is not ideal.

The video game already has your crew member's available. You don't have to source them out.
You control Luffy and explore the island. The game is a free roaming 3rd person action adventure with RPG elements. The island is full of islander's, most you can interact with. Here you will learn your basic control's.
One of the islanders is a woman Yadoya that own's an inn, you are now in debt to her for feeding and putting up your crew overnight but having delt with the thieves she waives the debt. The lady will ask you to help her in exchange for food and somewhere to stay.
A panicked Raccoon also crew member call's to you to inform the rest of your crew are missing. You set off to find them and come across a burning down part of town, cue episode 1. You also encounter your first boss battle, a dragon. After beating him you venture further through the town. enemies will appear and you will get items for defeating some of them. Some area's are encrypted by a secret code you will need to find to enter the gateway.
As you enter a snowy area you encounter boss battle 2, upon completion you find two of your missing crew. Completion of episode 1.

Costume Sanji Casual Vest screenshot05_1409044500You see yourself returned to the Inn. The inn owner will discuss with you and your crew member's how you can start to repay the debt. She asks you to build around the town. She tell's you that you need to acquire material's to be able to do these fixes.The materials you need can be collected from different area's, enemies, crates, animal's and tree's. After your first build you will be asked to repair other building's using material's you have collected.
Yadoya will ask you to look into the cause of a sand storm. Before leaving the town you will assign your party member's.

On your quests you will cover many area's, the second episode starting in a dessert. If you bought any item's at the island town here is where they first come in handy. You will come across insect's and fishing area's. If you select a fishing rod or bug catching net, once you have a fish on your hook or you have netted a bug mini games will appear. with button sequences appearing on screen you have to hit the buttons in order and as quick as possible. It is not easy to catch thing's but a nice and enjoyable feature.
This is game is a straight forward brawler. you have buttons for moves and use combo's. I was very pleased this was not a turn based fighting game, which apart from a select handful of games i can not get into.
depending on your party / crew member's you have with you, you can switch between character's with different fighting techniques and weapons.

The game has a lovey cartoon style design that is striking and provides great textures of environment. A nice feel to controls and movement.
There are people out there that would say the likes of ps3 and xbox 360 are near the end of their life cycle, while arguably there is at least 5 more years of support and games planned for the systems, and while the likes of ps4 and xbox one not offering much currently it is great to see games such as this caliber being released and looking so good, rather than letting quality slip to focus on next gen. A game such as this is a joy to play and proves that there is plenty of life in old dog's after all.

Although i had heard of One piece, i had never watched it before having the great opportunity to review the game. After enjoying what i played so far i thought i would watch an episode. I was hooked by the second episode and i am working my way through the staggering 62 episodes that is season 1 alone! The show is a Japanese show but there is also a dubbed version available. I prefer the Japanese version with subtitle's personally as the voice actor's are often hilarious with the way they provide the character's expressions. If ever do manage to get through all 637 episodes i may watch the English dubbed version to see how it compares.

The age rating is surprisingly only a 12. I feel this need's a 15 rating at the very least. This is not due to violence or rudeness, but it can seem suggestive with the way some female characters are designed, dressed and talk, Quoting, "We ladies will be in charge of clothes shopping. The clothes that are best are the one's that leave little to the imagination." There is also the occasional use of profanity.

I would highly recommended this game especially if you like the show. Though i would suggest you don't let your child play it if under 15.

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