OOTP 16 – Baseball Manager – Updated Review


With the MLB Season at the All-Star Game Mid-point time, do you think you could do better managing your team?


About OOTP 16

Its basically your Baseball Database Manager Game, the player controls their teams on field and off field strategies and tries to get to the title. It’s main coo is that now the MLB names and logos are in the game now and that brings the game up to that next level.





We are fans of the MLB from the days of it been on late night Channel 5 television so been able to do a historic league from the past is a feature we loved.  Been able to create a historic league from 1871 to present day beats current Football Manager games database a long way.


Singleplayer or Online

The ability to play offline or online is available.  We just played offline Singleplayer and we loved the challenge.

Game Engine

It’s game engine is superb, we loved how it has been updated from its past generations. Been able to move to a 3d mode adds that extra level too. All of the U.I. is customised to how the player wants it – if not it can be adjusted.



Tracking Statistics

Been a Baseball game, like the real thing statistics on everything is key. From basic hit records to the more complex ERA and other things on that level. If “MoneyBall” is your thing, you can do it.


Off Field – GM

Not just on field management and team management. How about trying to scout that next talent from Venezuela? It is possible to scout talent and develop your club to be unbeatable for years.


On Field – Depth of Strategies

From basic hitting strategies to slowing the pace of the game down to put pressure on the other team. The Depth of strategies possible in the game is great. When going through the game the first time it was confusing but once it clicks – it gets going.


Overall Thoughts

Good game, we played Football Manager and Championship Manager for Years. This is now at that level of depth and we love it.

4 out of 5

For More Info:

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Side Note:

We could talk more about it but its better if you see it for yourself.  We are challenging ourselves to get a team to the World Series, we randomly picked Detroit.  A weekly video will be happening and our deadline is the start of the World Series.


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