Ordinary People Extraordinary Tales


There is much left in the world for us to learn and understand, from the great expanses of space to the deepest reaches of the ocean and everything in between.  The unknown fascinates and excites us, as much as it can be frightening and one area that people seem completely captivated by is the supernatural, more specifically, the afterlife.

People all across the world ave various thoughts on what happens after someone dies.  Does their spirit live on in another realm?  Can we be visited by those loved ones who have passed on?  If so, can we communicate with them?

Sue Reeder lives in Norfolk, England and until 2007 had lived a normal life, but then she realised that she had a unique ability, one that she believes allows her to communicate with the dead, Sue is a psychic artist.  This means that Sue is a medium who can render pictures of those who we have loved and lost, through the help of the spirits around her.

Ordinary People Extraordinary Tales is an anthology of stories that are experiences Sue herself has gone through, or those which have been told to her by others.  The collection is fascinating and full of ghostly tales that will give you chills.  The book is enjoyable and easy to read, the stories being short means that you are able to pick it up and read at leisure, not that you will want to as the short stories are so thrilling, you will want to read more and more.

Ordinary People Extraordinary Tales is a glimpse into the world of the unknown, perfect for anyone who has an interest in the supernatural.  Available from Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie Publishers for £8.99

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