Origami Anywhere by Nick Robinson


Origami Anywhere by Nick Robinson is a book that wants you to embrace the art of recycling by using one of the oldest art forms in Japan, Origami.

The act of folding paper into shapes has been around for as long as paper has, now Nick Robinson has put together a delightful book that features a number of enchanting projects to teach you how to do Origami.

Each project is accompanied by clear, concise and easy to follow instructions, as well as fantastic photography that will ensure you wont go wrong when following along at home.  Choose from a 3-D heart, jumping frog, flower, rocking cradle and even a pill box, there are a wide variety of designs to tickle your fancy.

That is not all, because Nick Robinson encourages the reader to explore different materials to do each of the projects, not just a plain piece of paper.  He urges you to pick up leaflets, wrappers, foil, paper bags and even lottery tickets (providing they didn’t win of course) making every piece you make as unique and individual as you.


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