Our Zoo – DVD Review


Out – 27th October on DVD.
Our Zoo based on the True Story of Chester Zoo.

Lee Ingleby, leads the cast as George – the father of the family. An ex-serviceman who fought in the war and now has designs to transform a run of the mill home to the first British Zoo without bars.

A show about the creation of a Zoo. It sounds interesting.  It is all about family and animals.


We decided because of how the series goes – We will review the story of the first episode to get you into the show.

Review of the First Episode.

1930s – A girl and her dad go to the circus. They see lots of the acts and enjoy the show. The Dad has a War flashback. He goes back home before the circus finishes and he is not the same since the war.

A family business run by the family. A shop. His elders in the family want to help but at the time shellshock – post traumatic distress is not treated like it is today.

The mother’s brother is a salesman and out and about the world.

Buying stuff from the salesman – Papaya. He then notices an injured Kangaroo been taken to quarantine. He buys a monkey and a Parrot weird for a shop keeper.

Monkey in the outside toilet and a parrot in the inside cage. Bit the next door neighbour did the monkey. The granddad is extra cautious with the monkey but realises the kid’s connection.

After hearing of the old camel’s lion food future – he buys a camel. The Mum has no clue of the future of the family – 3 pets of exotic nature.

On a journey to sell the pets and talk with ex-servicemen he spots a house. The House is perfecct for the animals. He knows the path he must take. He goes to see the ex-servicemen at the reunion but he feels bad – shellshock.

He talks about the House to a local “Lady”. He felt the conflict of the war and turfed himself out of the reunion. Animals are now his passion. He talks to Lady Catherine again and finances are his only issue to really solve – Well to start off with.

The mother and the daughter talk love and the rest of the family get weary of the animals. He talks to his family of his idea. They are dumbfounded to start with.

“I want to build a zoo – with no bars”

They each look at different areas of it – each find some piece of joy. He asks his wife for help to set up the finances for the bank.

The bank meeting. The monkey is brought in. While the meeting takes place – the door is open and the bank manager sees the monkey. Manager decides to invest a bit of money to help.

A good episode that shows off great items.

Overall Review

A show with a good heart and a good spirit.  As an audience, we know that Chester Zoo is here and it is interesting hearing a tale of the creation of it.  Very interesting and the animals add a lot to it.

We have watched it to its first series conclusion – It is a great DVD and different from the normal shows that are on the television.



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