Out of Park Baseball 17 – PC Game Review


Its time for some Baseball!!!  Here’s our review of the latest Baseball Manager Game from Out Of The Park Developments.  


Its all about managing a baseball team to success. From the front office trades to in the dugout bunts, receiving the glory and all of the hate.  Now fully licensed by MLB..com, the MLBPA and Minor League Baseball.

MLB leagues are covered even historically. From 1871 to 2015, you can manage any team within the MLB system. Or even create your own fictional baseball world.


On the Field

It felt the same as last year’s edition with some good improvements.  As with previous editions you can focus on the field game wise and do anything that you seen in game.

Set tactics and get that pitcher warmed up.  The same as last year but they have overhauled the graphical interface to make it feel better and easier to follow the action on the field.


Off the Field

You might want to just play in GM Mode style (Setting everything to be AI Controlled on the field). Be Billy Beane and take charge of everything Moneyball style off of it. Trade who you want, when you want.

This season’s edition felt so refined to last years.  We prefer a less cluttered approach to the menus and the amount of data but this game is all about the data.  It took us a while to find everything again but once we did – we were rolling.



More of the same from OOTP. It hits home in the key points and keeps itself unique from other sports management games.  That element is its historical leagues, how they did it we do not know. 

Having grown up and watched baseball in the 2000s, we looked at the rosters of that era especially with a good eye of the names.  We praise them for keeping up with other management games and making it stand out as its own unique thing.

4 out of 5


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