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With the World Series about to start tonight  – we got the opportunity to try the latest baseball management simulation from Out of the Park Developments. Out of the Park Developments is the developer of the award-winning OOTP and iOOTP series of baseball management simulations and several other titles.


Out of the Ballpark Baseball 15 – PC

The best way to describe it is the armchair fan of sports thinking – Why have they not signed that player? Trade him he is rubbish? You got to steal as much as possible – Do it.  Out of the Ballpark Baseball or OOTP does that for the armchair fan.

So the


So beginning the game – 3 options are available.  One is the up to date real rosters, historical rosters (from 1871!!) and a completely random world. Only thing of note is that they don’t have the official team names but the rest is in there.

We picked the Seattle Barnstormers – great name. In each game, logos and team names can be randomised leading to fun and kooky names.

From the Front Office, to the Transactions to the actual game of baseball it covers it all.

 Front Office

The main screen is the front hub of the game. 8 sub-menus to see how your team is progressing from money, emails, standings to schedules – its all covered. It may look crowded but after a short while it feels intuitive and easy to follow.



23 Games into the season – 10-13 Record. Time to get that new player in to develop the team – but who?  The transactions available are vast, from Free Agents, Players about to be waived and Draft Picks.

But with a full roster of players including 4 levels of rosters and lots of teams – stats, scouting and ratings are key.  The journey to pick the key part of the puzzle is fun.



There is a lot of stuff to do in a game, the player can run as little or as much as they want. Even at the bottom of the screen – simulating the game or an inning is possible.

Sending the signals that are seen at the ballgame is key. The option to steal base to hitting the batter with  a pitch are available. The sound effects add that extra level of atmosphere if it is going well or going badly.




8/10 – A good game that does the sports management simulations great. It shows off the full capabilities of the managing side of it. The visual stuff is good with that being a good place for it to develop – its sound effects add to it. Hearing the away crowd boo a single to a cheer of a catch – it adds greatly to that element.

The database is the biggest so far – with the player having the option to start a game when they remember baseball as a kid. Playing the game in the 90s or 80s, trading to get the players and signing the best youth talent.

Only negative is that the 3D Engine compared to the 2D Engine is little different – but with all they stuff they offer it is a great game.



Special Offer – World Series Special: OOTP 15 is 50% off, iOOTP 2014 is 80% off.

“We expect the World Series will be exciting one, so what a better way to celebrate than by putting OOTP and iOOTP on Sale?” – OOTP creator Markus Heinsohn

For More Information – Click Here for their Website.

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