From 2017 – Out of the Park Baseball 18 – PC Review


We are now smack dab in the mix with the MLB season underway.  We look at the latest offerings of the manager game.



A sports management game based in the world of baseball. You can manage in the top leagues around the world or even manage a country competing in the World Baseball Classic.  On the diamond and Off the diamond, you control as much as you want.

“Out of the Park Baseball 18 – official licensed through and the MLBPA – is the follow-up to Metacritic’s PC Game of the Year 2016 and the ultimate baseball game! Guide your favorite MLB franchise to glory, play any historical season or create your own fictional baseball world.”Steam Description

For our review we focus on the MLB World.  We have played 2 seasons with the Mets and 1 with the Marlins.  So the gameplay….


It feels the same as the previous year’s entry but had some quirks that you find as you carry on playing for longer. So here are the basics and the feelings from playing further.

Off The Diamond



From off the diamond, you are managing to see how to develop the team.  If you are picking a smaller team in a big league, lots of adjustments to your team need to be made. 

From trading to waiver wire, making those adjustments is key. This year, you can see the adjustments in the drafts and the trade windows.  From reviewing the last few years – working out who to trade for who is easier. 


On the Diamond – The Experiments with some success



The presentation is still top notch with a new addition of 3d mode. Seeing the players run the bases is good.   However, they need to adjust the zoom of it – it was too far in the field of vision.

The text to speech “siri” like feature is fun to listen to for the most part.  However it can be a bit too much after a few games.  Fun experiment never the less.

The game management aspects have not really changed much from last year but the presentation adjustments are good experiments.



The Game Changer – Historical MLB Mode

Unlike other sports manager games you can play any year in the MLB. Do you want to play as the team you want in your childhood with those same players? – Can Do.

Plus the rules of baseball are defined by what era you play in too. Do not expect to play in modern era with the 61’s Yankees.




It is developing from strength to strength.  It continues to hold a high mark to the top sports management game Football Manager.  Does it compete – You dam right it does! Hidden depth in places and the strange text to speech is a good addition.  Keep improving and keep developing – Out of the Park Developments.


4 out of 5

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