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With the spell of warm weather allowing diners to eat al fresco, these delightful Japanese cheesecakes are a sophisticated oriental take on the traditional British picnic this summer.

The cheesecakes can be layered into empty jam jars, decorated with raffeta and ribbon and popped into hampers for easy transportation, bringing a smile to faces when presented. Protein packed tofu and the sunny yuzu fruit add an extra tang for an original and moreish dessert. The individual portions will even save fights over who has the biggest slice.

The Yutaka brand was first launched in 1995 and is the leading Japanese range in 16 countries across the globe. The exciting range includes sauces, sushi ingredients, soups, rice, noodles and “easy to use” meal kits – allowing the ardent foodie to create healthy, flavoursome and attractive Japanese cuisine at home.

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Yuzu and Tofu Cheesecakes

Serves 5 (5 x 180ml jars)

Preparation Time: 15 minutes plus 2-3 hours for chilling


90g digestive biscuits

30g melted butter

40ml Yutaka Yuzu Citrus Seasoning or yuzu juice

2 leaves gelatin

175g tofu

150g soft cheese

100ml double cream

50g caster sugar

30g marmalade (plus extra for topping)

½ stick vanilla pod, halved length way with the seeds scraped out.


  1. To make the base, put the digestive biscuits in a food processor and blend to make crumbs. Melt the butter in a bowl over boiling water in a saucepan and stir in the biscuit crumbs until mixed together. Place into the prepared jar and press down firmly to create an even base.
  2. To make the cheesecake, soak the gelatin leaves in cold water for 3 minutes. Then, squeeze the water and place in a small saucepan with the yuzu citrus seasoning or yuzu juice. Heat on low to melt the gelatine, being careful not to boil it.
  3. Add the gelatine mixture, tofu, cream cheese, double cream, sugar, marmalade, and vanilla seeds to a food processor and mix until smooth.
  4. Spoon the cheesecake mixture into the jars and remove any air from the jars by tapping on a table. Refrigerate for few hours to set.
  5. To serve, top with the rest of the marmalade on top.


Per Serving:


Per serving % GDA
568 cals 28
39.3g fat 56
20.3g sat fat 102
21g sugar 23
0.6g salt 10


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