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Everyone could do with a little ‘me time,’ some quality one on one time with their self that allows them to fully indulge, relax and pamper themselves.  It can be anything from a long hot soak in the bath, to a luxurious hair mask or even just a lay down on a comfortable bed listening to some soft, gentle, soothing music.  Whilst some may say that there is no time to relax or indulge your inner wants, we at Erisea HQ are here to say phooey to that, relaxation is an important part of anyone’s day! 

Relaxation can help you to battle comfort eating, leave you feeling calmer, able to make better decisions, improve your mood and even reduce some health risks.  It is important to relax and even more important not to be hard on yourself for doing it! 

We decided to put together what we like to call a mini pamper parcel, four items that will help you find your zen one way or another.  

Courtesy of Absolute Aromas

Courtesy of Absolute Aromas


Heading out to spa or getting your partner to give you a massage can be extremely beneficial.  It allows your muscles to fully relax as you submit to the deep tissue and muscle rubs that your masseuse gives you.  Massages can double up on their tasks though, providing relaxation, easing aches and pains and, depending on the oils you use perform other jobs that can help you immensely.

Absolute Aromas Massage Oil Detox is one such oil.  Filled with the stunning aromas of Juniperberry, Grapefruit, Geeranium, Palmarosa and Cederwood upon a base of Jojboa, Sweet Almond and Evening Primrose oils, this cocktail of powerful essential oils will help encourage the elimination of toxins during your massage, as well as fight cellulite! 

Available from £8.26 for 100ml at Absolute Aromas

Courtesy of Absolute Aromas

Courtesy of Absolute Aromas

Bath Time

A completely indulgent way of relaxing is of course in the bath.  The warmth of the water, couples with the way your body feels weightless can be a great stress reliever, dealing with aches and pains as well as tired limbs.

Absolute Aromas again make our Pamper Parcel here as we spotted that they also make a Detox version of their Himalayan Bath Salts and they are gorgeous.  Packed with the same beneficial essential oils, the scent from the bottle alone makes you feel all dreamy.  Again, another multitasking beauty product in that it will also help eliminate any lingering toxins after your massage! 

Available from £4.75 for 290ml at Absolute Aromas

Courtesy of Maria Nila

Courtesy of Maria Nila

Brighten That Hair

Something that always makes us feel great and helps to relax us, is to give our hair a lovely luxurious treatment.  

One such at home treatment we included in our parcel is Maria Nila’s Luminous Colour Masque.  Created for coloured hair, the masque has a Colour Guard Complex to reduce the loss of colour that comes with time, it also has a UV protector, is packed with Pomegranate to further protect and Blackberry extract to add lustre and shine, not to mention it is 100% vegan, paraben and sulphate free.  A total treat for those locks of yours! 

Courtesy of Palmer's

Courtesy of Palmer’s


Our last ingredient for a night of selfless indulgence is to moisturise your skin.  After all that soaking and massaging, it deserves a little nourishment t keep it looking tip-top, feeling great and you feeling wonderful.

We have chosen Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Rapid Moisture Spray.  Now, we know what you will say ‘moisturiser in a SPRAY?’ Do not fear though, it is not messy like you imagine, in fact it is less messy than conventional moisturisers, saves you time and gets a better coverage.  The moisturiser itself is as incredible as you would expect from Palmer’s and smells to die for.  It is non greasy, absorbs fast and wont stain your clothes or bed sheets.  In fact once you have had a little practice with the spray, you barely need to rub the moisturiser in at all, saving on waste too! 

Available from £3.99 for 200g at

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