Parents Basic Guide – to Video Games for Kids


With the digital age, we see more and more younger kids getting online and playing games. As we are video game players, we want to offer you the parent a few basics to what video games are these days. In terms of should you or shouldn’t you buy it for your kid…


Kid Wants to Play Video Games – For the First Time

At the moment, there is clearly a divide between what consoles to buy a kid.  In terms of age range, Nintendo are a good choice for younger kids and the other two PS4 and Xbox One are the one for an older kid.


The Nintendo WiiU, has currently got lots of video games aimed towards the younger end of the market. So, all the Mario games are a good place to start.  Good and easy to play with your kid in their early stages of learning video games.

The Older Kid, our bit of advice for console choie is what are their friends getting.  Your kid might not be the one who goes out often, so why not get them talking to their friends more “online”.


Buying Games for Kids

The main worry/ concern within an online situation is the amount of kids you see online in games inappropriate for them.   So 2 things to take into account when buying a game for a kid:

Age Rating – Legally, these are supposed to be followed. Buying a game like GTA or Call of Duty for a say a 10 year old is not right.  So, imagine watching a film rating 15 or 18 at 10. You probably love it but nightmares and bad ideas in their heads are possibilities. 

Your Knowledge/”Maturity Check” – Know what they want. If the kid wants to play GTA. Do a “Maturity Check”. Go to Youtube and type in “GTA Gameplay” and watch a few videos. Spend 10-20 minutes seeing and viewing the game they want then decide.  Is this too mature for this kid?


So those are the two major things we wanted to talk about – trying to help you the parent out.  If you have any suggestions for future “guides” – tweet us at @Eriseamag.

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