Parents Want Clearer Guidelines On Children’s Drinks Vita Coco Kids Launches The Sugar Maze


New research from Vita Coco Kids reveals that ongoing advice on what children should be drinking is leading to confusion amongst parents. Almost 60% of parents are left unsure of what is an acceptable level of sugar when it comes to drinks, with almost 80% wanting clearer, more realistic guidelines to help them.

The research from Vita Coco Kids shows that the recent news focusing on the amount of sugar children have in their daily diet is starting to have an impact, with almost half of parents saying it has affected the amount of juices and smoothies they are buying for their children. In fact, more than 70% now see drinks such as smoothies or juices, as a treat rather than a daily drink; with many saying they only give their children these types of drinks on holidays, weekends and at birthday parties.

Vita Coco Kids, with the help of nutritionist, Amanda Hamilton, launches The Sugar Maze, a simple set of guidelines to help parents make an easy and informed decision on what children should drink and what is deemed a treat. With plenty of tips and advice on everyday drinks, healthy hydration and drinks to stay clear of, the Vita Coco Kids Sugar Maze will help parents navigate the confusion of what to and what not to give children to drink.

0319 VC Sugar maze_LOW_RES-page-001Nutritionist Amanda Hamilton comments: ‘All children love the taste of something sweet – as adults do – it’s inbuilt. However, there’s a growing concern over the amount of sugar consumption in modern diets. I’ve got kids myself and am realistic that they will still want sugar from time to time, but parents need to understand when too much sugar is bad for you. The Sugar Maze will help parents navigate through the misleading information out there and make an informed decision themselves.’ 

Giles Brook, CEO All Market Europe, comments: ‘We created Vita Coco Kids to offer parents a natural and lower sugar beverage alternative for their children without compromising on taste. Our view is that everyone deserves a treat now and then (parents and kids alike!) and so the Vita Coco proposition is to give children a great tasting, lower sugar drink with the added benefits of hydrating coconut water. In conjunction with Amanda Hamilton, we have launched The Sugar Maze to help parents who are confused by all the mixed messaging on what to and what not to drink that is out there. It’s a simple guide to help make the best choices for their children.’

Kid-tested, parent-approved and School Compliant, Vita Coco Kids typically has around 50 percent less sugar and less calories than other leading UK chilled kids juices and smoothies and is perfect for parents seeking a healthier beverage option. It contains naturally occurring potassium to help keep those little monkeys energised and hydrated.

Vita Coco Kids coconut water comes from young green coconuts (never from concentrate), and is blended with natural fruit flavourings and water. With no added colourings or preservatives, Vita Coco Kids comes in two delicious flavours, classic Apple & Blackcurrant and tropical Mango & Pineapple.

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