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We have all been there, it is the early hours of the morning and one of our fantastic neighbours is having the biggest, loudest party known to man. We can’t sleep, we can’t hear ourselves think, something needs to give. Our usual way to deal with a nuisance such as this would be to pop round and ask them to keep to noise down, shove some headphones on and listen to some tunes, hide under the pillow and curse them with every horrible word known to man. Rarely would our thoughts go to a darker place, well they might venture into the territory, but it is pure fantasy.

Not any more.

Now, with Party Hard coming to Mac OSX, PS4, Windows and Xbox One, Pinokl Games and tinyBuild Games have created a way for you to dish out the most severe punishment you can think of, free from guilt and actual violence.

The Game

Party Hard is a game that sees you dealing with an inconsiderate neighbour who is throwing the part of all parties. It is 3am and you have simply had enough, so of course the natural thing to do is to pop next door and start picking off the guests one by one, killing them in a variety of ways using your knife and the environment. You can’t just drop by, stand in the middle of a room and begin slashing folk. No, Party Hard requires you to use your brain and figure out ways to eliminate guests without being seen.

puf7e6c85504ce6e82442c770f7c8606f0-1461604973-8067543-screenshot-defaultEmbrace Your Inner Rage

You might stab them around the side of the house and dump them in the bin, set up and electrical item next to a puddle of water, fix a loud speaker to kill, accidentally push someone onto the BBQ, really there are so many ways to tackle your…problem. 

If you do run in and start murdering the party goers, someone will ring the police, who will arrive promptly and arrest you, so stealth is key.  Your only hope at avoiding incarceration is to make sure that your dance often and blend in with the other revelers.  The discovery of a corpse or witnessing of murderous deeds can trigger not just the police, but also DEA, SWAT, firefighters and paramedics!

The Specifics

The game follows a series of murders throughout the US, you taking the helm as the feisty slasher across 19 unique levels, all of which has a number of random variations with each one.  Throughout Party Hard you will find yourself controlling a number of unlockable characters – 

  • The guy who wants some sleep
  • The Ninja who is super fast, uses smoke bombs and is stealthy
  • The Cop who is able to walk around with corpses and no one bats an eyelid, he can even frame other people!
  • The Girl who has a super power of knocking people out
  • The Butcher who has a trusty chainsaw to deal out his justice

If you are lucky enough, regardless of which character you are using, then you may find yourself a witness to a completely random event.  An example would be a bear dropping by the party and killing everyone there for you,

puf7e6c85504ce6e82442c770f7c8606f0-1461604985-2904805-screenshot-originalPatience is a Virtue

Party Hard is not the kind of game you can just play frivolously, you need your wits about you and an infinite supply of patience, because one wrong move and you are toast having to start all over again. Therefore we would advise, if you are a ‘rage quitter‘, this might not be the game for you.

Got A Twitch?

There is a rather cool element to Party Hard if you use Twitch.  When you are out at the parties hacking and slashing, if you are streaming on Twitch your viewers can trigger a whole bunch of things to make life for you a little more difficult – inviting more party goers, calling the SWAT team or even triggering a Sharknado! 

Our Thoughts

All in all we thought that the Party Hard is a great little game, it has graphics that fit with the contemporary trend of using pixelated graphics and a unique story line with a whole range of environmental options, different characters, random events and more.  

4 out of 5




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