Peperami – Classic Beef and Peppered Beef Flavours


On a mission to satisfy the nations hunger cravings, meaty snack brand Peperami, has welcomed Peperami Beef to the crazy clan.



Available in Classic or Peppered variants and made from 100% beech wood smoked beef, the new additions are sure to be a hit with existing Peperami fans as well as those looking for an alternative snack on-the-go, or those in need of a protein fix after the gym.

Packed full of meaty goodness, Classic Beef is flavoured with taste bud tingling onion, pepper and garlic. Whilst Peppered Beef is seasoned with white and black pepper, garlic, cayenne pepper and paprika – truly mouth-watering combinations.

Animal, the official spokesperson for Peperami, says “Finally! The powers that be have introduced some beef to our growing family, maybe he can teach our crazy snack pack ruffians some manners.”


Our Thoughts

Another taste, another flavour, another success.  The Classic Beef brings the classic flavours but the Peppered Beef adds that extra spice to a snack well needed.


For More INFO –

With an RRP of 79p for a single stick and £1.59 for a multi-pack of three, Peperami Beef is available from all good retailers alongside the rest of the pork range (Original, Hot, Firestick, Tex-Mex, Wideboy).

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