Cassie Thornton has been suffering from nightmares, terrible haunting nightmares that have left her needing answers desperately.  In an attempt to answer those questions, Cassie travels to the setting of her nightmares, Echo Bluff in Gloucester, Massachusetts, a mysterious, abandoned estate.  Cassie’s journey is not just one of discovery, but also courage, being blind means that she now has to rely on the skills that she has honed over the years, to uncover the secrets of Echo Bluff.  The terrifying nightmares can not be solved until Cassie spends some time solving the mysteries of the former inhabitants of the mansion, they demand to be heard.  The horrific history of this house will need to be confronted and faced head on!

The game is unique in conception and game play.  Using echo location (sound that bounces off of objects that creates an image), a skill Cassie has honed over the years, she must search for objects from her dreams throughout the house, objects that reveal a little more about the story behind this awful place and what lead her to it.  As her senses are heightened, compensating for her blindness, Cassie has the ability to understand the memories that are revealed to her, so when she discovers an object from her dreams and touches it, (the object is called a Touchstone in game), she is able to learn more by hearing the thoughts of the owner.  These objects can range from rope to books, but she may also find audio logs and notes or letters left behind by those who once lived in Echo Bluff.  Luckily Cassie has an app that will allow her to hear the words she can not physically see.

The whole premise of the game is to uncover the mysteries of the house, you need to lift every stone and search every nook, pick up everything and examine it.  Of course, Cassie is not alone in this huge abode, she is hunted by The Presence, so it is a good idea to keep an eye out for hiding spots and make use of them when needed.  Use all of the skills that Cassie has to hand to find your way around the massive house, stay safe and reveal the secrets buried for years.

Extremely atmospheric, Perception is a first person, horror game that will have you looking over your shoulder and jumping out of your skin at times.  The mechanics of the game are easy to pick up and become second nature quite quickly, making the experience even more enjoyable.  If you are after a game that you can not just get your teeth into, but can solve mysteries and go up against a formidable foe, then Perception from The Deep End Games and Feardemic,  is definitely one you should look at playing.



Perception is available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 now.  You can find out more about the game by checking out the official website.


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