The Perfect Manicure


It is always nice to pamper yourself a little and today we wanted to share with you our perfect manicure and some stunning polishes to use this year.  So, get yourself ready for fabulous nails and some well deserved ‘me time’.

The Perfect Manicure

nail fileStep One

The first and most important thing to remember is to relax and enjoy!  You will want to have lovely fresh clean hands and in preparation for your pamper session soak your hands in some warm soapy water for around five minutes.  This will soften the cuticles allowing you to gently push them back.

Step Two

Filing your nails is an important part of the process, it gives you the overall look that your finished manicure will have.  Of course there are a number of options, rounded nails, square or even the current trend of pointy.

Step Three

Next you need to smooth, buff and shine those nails.  This will help to remove ridges and imperfections that can be picked up by nail polish and then to condition the nails so that you can be happy to go out with them as is.  The buff and shine also helps to create a much nicer look once the polish has been applied.

Step Four

Apply your chosen colour, for beautiful, flawless nails!

Accessories & Polishes

Packaging FrontThe Handirest

A really great accessory to have is the Handirest.  It is a pink, firm foam, hand rest that allows you to keep hands steady and in place whilst painting them.  It works for both left and right hands, is super comfortable and very easy to use.

We love the Handirest at Erisea and are always using one when we paint our nails.  It makes the job so much easier, even for fidgety people.

4 In 1 Nail File

A 4 in 1 nail file is brilliant and generally comes in the form of a file with four sides.  Each side will perform a different job, file, smooth, buff and shine.  It is handy to have a 4 in 1 as it reduces the amount of tools you need, meaning less mess and more space for polishes!

Gel Polishes

At the moment we are loving the look of Gel Nails.  Sometimes it isn’t affordable or easy to get gel nails, but a number of companies have started to create a lacquer that will give you the look of gel nails in a fraction of the time and for minimal cost.

CaptureGel Perfect – Nutra Nail

With a patented 5 Minute Gel-Colour technology, Gel Perfect gives you the look of gel nails without the use of UV/LED light and takes just five minutes to set rock solid.  Inside the box is everything needed to do your nails, Gel Perfect Colour, Gel Perfect Activator and a bush cleaner.  Simply apply the activator followed by the colour!

Rock solid for rock chicks! Available in a range of colours and for just £14.99 at Boots.

sleek loves nailsSleek Love Gel Nails

Without the need of a UV lamp, Sleek Loves Gel Nails is the perfect way to get the look of a flawless, high gloss gel manicure.  It dries fast, gives a lovely even coverage and a plump, vibrant finish.

Available in 8 fantastic shades, Sleek Loves Gel Nails is only £4.99 from Sleek.


Beautiful shades are not only available in Gel Look polishes and we have found a couple of examples to share with you today so that you can look fabulous and be bang on trend whilst doing it!

2 True

2 True have a wide range of colours available across the range of polishes they offer at Superdrug.  Super quick drying and high shine are two of the features you will find with this brand.  Not to mention that they are affordable from as little as £1.99.


Benecos are another brand that have a lovely selection of eight shades available.  They are vegan friendly, not tested on animals and free from harmful chemicals that cause drying.  Available from Pravera for only £6.95


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