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There are more than a few of us at Erisea Magazine who have what some might call a slight addiction, an obsession even, with notebooks and diaries.  Many of us also run successful blogs and of course have personal lives too, some with children, some with hectic jobs, commitments and so on.  All of that makes for a little chaos to say the least and it needs to be tamed and organised.

So organisation is a must for people who have a lot of fingers in a lot of pies and what better way than with something really personal and unique, just like their owners?

Perspnl Planner 1Personal Planner

With customisation options for every section of the diaries and notebooks, Personal Planner provide an incredibly individual and creative service to provide you with something that is truly original.


Notebooks, like planners come in a variety of sizes – small, medium, large and A5.  They are spiral bound and fully customisable.

The front and back covers allow you to upload a personal image, so long as you on the copyright to the picture of course.  The elastic band that keeps everything secure can be changed into a number of colours too.

Inside the notebook, personalisation continues, from choosing whether the notebook is plain, ruled, has graph paper, or even blank sheet music – (There is also the option the select four different styles for inside the notebook, for the multitasking among us).

Personal Planners

Here the magic really happens with the ability to really let your creative juices go wild.  Creating the front and back covers, just like the notebooks and the inside first page as well, the fun begins when starting to look at the internal pages, the planner itself, making this just right for your needs.

Perspnl Planner 3

The beauty of the customisation options for the internal pages, it that everything from the header along the top of each page, to the way each day is laid out (lined, ruled, plain, even timetabled) can be altered to suit personal taste.  If you work out, then a work out box can be added along the bottom, if you need a To Do List, this can be selected, each little decision will change the look of the diary and ultimately create a tool to help organise the chaos, whilst looking wonderfully stylish at the same time!

The planners and notebooks start at just £8.95 and the process of designing and ordering is so simple and fun, just pop along to to get started.

We loved the Personal Planners so much and indeed the process of designing our own diary and notebook.  The finished result gives a feeling of luxury and sharp design, the photos on the front and back are protected and therefore last as long as the diary itself, without damage!  The lovely people at Personal Planner have been kind enough to offer you, our fabulous readers, the chance to win a Personal Planner of your very own, just fill out the entry below!  Good luck!

 Win A Personal Planner

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