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When it comes to the summertime, certain things can be expected – parties, less clothes than normal and plenty more options for dining outdoors whether that be a barbecue or a picnic. The winter sees us all staying in apart from the odd hog roast on Bonfire Night – but we cannot stop ourselves when it gets to summer, we want to spend as much time outside as we possibly can which means we need practical food choices too.

crispsIf we could pick our own personal favourite thing about summer, we have to admit that it would probably be picnics. There is just something about them – the ease of preparation, suitable for young and old – everyone seems to love a good picnic. With sandwiches cut into triangles, some mouth-watering cordial and a decent range of crunchy snacks, you’re good to go.

My favourite snacks right now have to be Tyrrells crisps – picnics scream English summertime to me so a perfectly English brand like Tyrrells suits a picnic perfectly. Available from the majority of retailers nationwide, they retail at affordable prices and come in a wide range of sizes and flavours. When it comes to crisps, we love something a little different and they certainly offer this with their variety of flavours and different crisps available – with potato crisps, vegetable crisps, tortillas and popcorn all up for the choosing.

We recently got to try two of their favourite summertime flavours – Beach Barbecue and Swanky Veg. We love a vegetable crisp – they don’t feel as naughty as a regular crisp and we may have got through the bag a little too quickly whereas Beach Barbecue take the usual barbecue flavour you expect and add something special that we can’t quite put my finger on – but what we do know is it is the perfect summertime flavour to enjoy whilst chilling with your friends and you won’t want to finish the bag.

Picnics are the epitome of summer for us – and only the best brands will do. How about you?

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