Pink Parcel


There is something exciting about receiving a parcel through the post, even if you know that you are going to get it.  Subscription boxes are little gifts to yourself every month and most of them come without you knowing what will be inside.

Pink Parcel

As subscription boxes go, Pink Parcel has a very unique aspect to it, the whole idea is to cheer you up at that time of the month ladies.  Working in conjunction with your personal cycle, the parcel is delivered to you with everything you need to get through that week.

Pink_Parcel_NovemberWhat’s In It?

Pink Parcel includes:

  • Branded pads/tampons
  • A selection of beauty products

How Does It Work?

PinkParcelFeb2014_TBM8577Delivered 3-5 days before needed, Pink Parcel will send you your favourite brand of pads/tampons, so that you can continue to be as comfortable as possible.

Then you also receive a selection of goodies to indulge, relax and beautify you, when you feel you need it most.

Our Box

Pink Parcel sent us a box and we have to say it is quite ingenious! The need to go to the supermarket and stock up on the most essential of items for that time of the month is removed as you get a full supply of your favourite brand.

We also got a ton of goodies that would not just cheer you up, but give you a wonderful treat in the process:

  • Juicy Raspberry Gluco Tabs – to give you that little burst of energy sometimes needed
  • Chocolate Flake Tea – tea and chocolate?  Why did no one think of this before?
  • Doisy & Dam Goji & Orange Chocolate Bar – we all love chocolate and this is a bar that will cure that craving and is good for you as it if packed with Vitamin C!
  • Roc Multi Correction 5 in 1 Anti Ageing Moisturiser – To make your skin feel luscious.
  • Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream – To indulge your skin as and when needed
  • Two Pairs of fluttering lashes to give you that sultry look

With such a unique concept and discrete packaging, this is a great idea.  The website is packed with ideas on how to deal with anxiety, cramps and many other monthly related issues.  At only £5.95 per month, it is something we think every lady should have in their lives.

We will be taking at look at Pink Parcel for a few months so we can see the different goodies that are sent to cheer you up and get you through!

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